Letter: Ex-Mayor Endorses McEvoy, Holland,Tamburro

By on April 28, 2021

To the Editor:

Jack McEvoy became a staple at Town Council meetings over a decade ago. He researched the issues, was informed and gave insightful solutions. No matter what issues arose, he was positive, knowledgeable and respectful. These are the same qualities he brings to the Town Council today. As an elected official, Jack’s been active, compassionate and approachable. He listens to residents and remains their advocate. For over a decade he has tirelessly focused on improving our community.

Cynthia Holland and Chris Tamburro have also been impressive. As a lawyer, Cynthia has an expertise in government issues throughout New Jersey, including planning and sustainability. Chris’s involvement as a dedicated Verona Rescue Squad volunteer and educator offers a diverse knowledge of municipal issues. Mayor McEvoy and the addition of Cynthia and Chris will help the Town Council face the many challenges on the horizon.

Jay Sniatkowski
Verona Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Council member

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