‘You Are Loved’ Artist Adds Banners

By on October 13, 2020

For several months over the spring and summer, artist Alex Cook painted an affirmative message of love on large pieces of an old ping-pong table on the lawn at 170 Claremont Avenue. They quickly became a must-see stop on Veronans’ walks around town.

Cook suspended the “You Are Loved” murals when he got married, but he’s now brought them back in a new way that could spread the messages far beyond one front yard: 4 foot by 4 foot vinyl banners.

“As the national conversation gets more and more tense and divisive I’ve been seeking ways to bring the focus back to love connection and communication,” Cook says. “Recently I created a series of ‘You Are Loved“ outdoor vinyl banners so anyone can share a big, beautiful message of love with their community.”

The images on two of the banners are images that Cook created in Verona and the rest are from his mural work elsewhere across the U.S. He’s also put the messaging on t-shirts, posters and bumper stickers. You can find all the options here.

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