Piglets Go Wandering From Hillcrest Farms

By on October 7, 2020

For most of the year, the Hillcrest Farms garden center features things that don’t move on their own: plants, trees and shrubs. But every October, along with the mums, apples, pumpkins and Indian corn, Hillcrest also has a small petting zoo of chickens, goats and piglets. And today, two of the piglets decided to go wandering.

The pink and white piglet headed west through Verona Park and across Lakeside Avenue, and at one point wandered into the backyard of Carol Thomas, a former science teacher at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School. One of the brown piglets crossed Bloomfield Avenue to explore the Laning side of town.

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Hillcrest workers fanned out to look for both, and Wayne Animal Control was also brought in to help. The escapees were both located in early afternoon and returned to their pen.

We asked Hillcrest Farms, via Instagram, which part of Verona the piglets enjoyed best. “They seemed to enjoy the Laning section on their adventure,” came the response, “but it’s clear their favorite spot in Verona is 377 Bloomfield Ave. 😊.” The farm animals will be at Hillcrest through the end of October.


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