Doors Of Verona: May 19

By on May 19, 2020

Back on April 11, MyVeronaNJ kicked off a photo contest to keep Verona entertained and, yes, distracted, as we worked to flatten the curve of the pandemic. Fred Goode, who can normally be found photographing Verona High School sports and helping to coach VHS boys lacrosse, set out across Verona to shoot the doors of every Verona business and “Doors of Verona” was born. MyVeronaNJ committed $1,000 to buying gift certificates from Verona retailers, restaurants, wellness studios and gyms to support the businesses that do so much to support Verona.

Today it all comes to an end. MyVeronaNJ’s last $25 gift certificate is to Verona Wine Cellar and it comes with a bonus: The wine, beer and spirits business has matched our $25 purchase with a $25 gift certificate of its own. It’s not the only business that has been that generous during the contest. Several winners will discover, when they redeem their gift certificates as Verona re-opens, that they are worth more than $25.

Before we send you off to guess the location of today’s photo, we’ll congratulate May 18’s winner, Jolie Duarte. She battled her sister Rory to win the gift certificate to Blooms In Hand by correctly guessing that the doors belonged to the Mattress Firm store at the intersection of Pompton and Bloomfield Avenues. Blooms in Hand, which opened in 2017, offers flower bouquets and classes in flower displays and wreath making.

So, one more time: Put your guesses in the Comments box below and, if you have won before, you can’t win again.  

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