Doors Of Verona: April 23

By on April 23, 2020

There aren’t many businesses in Verona that have roll-down metal gates on their front entrances, so we worried that “Doors Of Verona: April 22” might be too easy. There were wrong guesses that the photo was Clinton Glass or Quality Car Care, but within an hour, Cora Castellano delivered the correct answer: Dante Zeller Tuxedo by Sarno. The gate is in the parking alcove under the store, which is located at the intersection of Bloomfield and Pompton avenues. Dante Tuxedo is closed right now because of the state rules on fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, but you can make an appointment for a virtual consultation

The door photographed is always going to be different than the gift certificate awarded, but we decided, in the spirit of hoping we will all get back soon to big gatherings that celebrate life’s big events, to make yesterday’s prize a $25 gift certificate to the Anthony Robert Salon. The salon has become a stylish fixture in Verona (and a regular supporter of community events) since it burst into the public eye with its participation in the reality TV show “Jerseylicious.”

It’s Thursday, April 23 (for those of you losing track of time during the pandemic) and today’s “Doors Of Verona” photo is above. The gift certificate today will be from Frank Anthony’s. is spending $1,000 to buy gift certificates from Verona businesses to award to our winners. 

You need to post your guess in the Comments box below. And if you’ve already been a winner in “Doors Of Verona” you can’t win again. 

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