VBSL Offers Virtual Workout Tips

By on March 20, 2020

Verona Baseball & Softball League (VBSL) activities are suspended because of the coronavirus COVID-19, but VBSL President Lisa Loudon says that players can still drill their skills at home. VBSL has posted videos of some drills on its website and Loudon is inviting families to share more.

“It is important to note that we are not encouraging you to actively engage with anyone other than your immediate household,” Loudon says. “We will be sharing videos daily of baseball and softball drills that you can do alone, or with small groups–one to four people that would normally reside in a household. The drills should take place in your home or yard, not fields or parks as they are all currently closed to the public.”

VBSL kicked off the virtual tips with footwork drills that can be done indoors or outdoors. “The first video is of a professional exhibiting some excellent footwork drills on an outdoor field,” Loudon says. “Following those are some Verona friends attempting those drills indoors on a rainy day.”

“As you can see in some of the drills they made a homemade agility ladder using painter’s tape on the rug,” Loudon adds. “In others they used a speed and agility ladder that some of you may have in your homes. It doesn’t matter if you have one, you can make one. Get creative and please share. We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you all.”

VBSL hopes to expand its video drills to include fielding, hitting, footwork, sliding, strength and conditioning, or any other drills that can add to the fun. If you have a drill that you want to share, send the link to the video clip to [email protected]

“We challenge you to work with your child on fundamentals and fun activities during this time,” Loudon says. “When we pick back up with our season, every child will ready to go.”

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