Letter: Thank You Mrs. J!

By on February 11, 2020

A “get well” easel

To The Editor:

My daughter Anna and I wanted to thank Joni Jasterzbski, better known as Mrs. J, our beautiful art teacher for the students at F.N. Brown and Brookdale elementary schools. Mrs. J. has shared her love through art for many years to our kids. Most importantly, Mrs J. is a 10-year breast cancer survivor! When she was receiving her treatment at that time, she remembered how the “get well” art she would receive from kids made her feel so good and special. And sure enough she wanted to return the favor of kindness! She has had the F.N. Brown and Brookdale students create small “get well” easels for the last three years.

My daughter Anna and I got involved two years ago, when we found the perfect home for these “made with love” easels. We connected with our dear friends from Comfort Project 360 of Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Comfort 360 holds a special place in our hearts. Comfort Project 360’s continued goal is to improve the care for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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My daughter and I last year dropped off 150 get well easels, and this year Mrs. J provided us with 400, which we delivered Monday! Needless to say Comfort 360 was so very happy. These will be handed out in honor of spreading the love around Valentine’s Day as well as the remainder of the year to the patients at infusion centers, and to be included in their comfort carts.

Thank you to F.N. Brown and Brookdale for spreading the love. But we wanted to give a big heartfelt thanks to Mrs. J who has been a huge positive influence to my daughter throughout the years (kindergarten through 4th grade) as well as I am sure other students. I can’t believe my daughter is graduating 4th grade, time flies by when you’re having fun! We wanted to thank Mrs. J. for helping us with what we like to call “living the superhero life”.

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Dina Lilley

The big delivery

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