Scouts Participate In Klondike Derby

By on February 6, 2020

“The Angry Flaming Potatoes” (L-R) Gabriel Ali, Chris Caldera, Liam Frey, Ayden Hanlon, Dylan Bratek, Max Nogales, Johnny Stockelberg

On Saturday, February 1, several Boy Scouts from Verona Troop 2 participated in the Lenape Trail District Klondike Derby held at South Mountain Reservation in West Orange, NJ. Thirty-seven Scout patrols competed in this one-day event that is based on the heritage of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Troop 2 at the “Fort Sparks” fire-building station.

Troop 2’s patrol “The Angry Flaming Potatoes” traveled between 12 stations pulling a homemade wooden sled loaded with gear. Each station (aka “town”) had a unique event designed to test their Scoutcraft skills (i.e. orienteering, fire building, first aid, engineering, pioneering, wilderness survival, nature identification) and their leadership/teamwork abilities, earning points towards a total score. A patrol’s performance at each event scored for their level of knowledge or accomplishment and for teamwork. The participating Scouts were Gabriel Ali, Dylan Bratek, Chris Caldera, George Donnelly (worked with the Order of the Arrow during the event), Liam Frey, Ayden Hanlon, Maximo Nogales and Johnny Stockelberg.

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Troop 2 leaders kept busy running “Fort Sparks” fire building station where patrols were challenged with building a fire without using matches and bringing a quart of water to a rolling boil within eight minutes to earn the maximum points awarded.

Get involved in the action! For more information about Verona BSA Troop 2, please contact Verona Troop 2 at [email protected]

(L-R) Ayden Hanlon, Johnny Stockelberg, Chris Caldera, Gabriel Ali, Liam Frey, Max Nogales

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