Town Posts Agenda For Jan. 27 Council Meeting

By on January 25, 2020

There will be a meeting of the Verona Town Council at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 27, 2020 in the municipal building at 600 Bloomfield Avenue.

Three ordinances will be up for a public hearing and vote:
1. Ordinance No. 2020-01 Amending Chapter 13 (Court, Municipal)
2. Ordinance No. 2020-02 Amending Chapter 4 (Administration ofGovernment) Changing Order of Meeting
3. Ordinance No. 2020-03 Amending Chapter 140 (Vehicles & Traffic) Forest Avenue Stop Intersections

Two proposed ordinances will be introduced:
1. Ordinance No. 2020-___ Adopting First Amendment to the Depot and Pine Street Redevelopment Plan
2. Ordinance No. 2020-___ Capital Ordinance – Community Center HVAC ($50,000)

There will be nine proposed resolutions:
1. Resolution No. 2020-___ 2020 Community Development Grant Prioritization
2. Resolution No. 2020-___ 2020 Community Development Representatives
3. Resolution No. 2020-___ 2020 Essex County Open Space Grant Submission
4. Resolution No. 2020-___ Recognizing Importance of 2020 Census
5. Resolution No. 2020-___ Change Order No. 1 & Close Out for Bid #18-17
6. Resolution No. 2020-___ Ring Neighborhood Partnership
7. Resolution No. 2020-___ Tax Court Refund – 825 Bloomfield Avenue
8. Resolution No. 2020-___ Property Maintenance Lien – 111 Linden Avenue
9. Resolution No. 2020-___ Executive Session

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You can read the full agenda online here.

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