Get Ready: ‘Where In Verona’ Is Coming Back

By on December 22, 2019

A favorite photo shoot: The holiday-decorated Salamone Redi-Mix trucks.

So it’s been 10 years for, and that’s a long time. I remember how I became involved with A mutual friend said to me one day “you should talk to Virginia.”

Back then, I was a couple of years into photography and still trying to figure out what I was doing. I can’t remember what the first photo was I submitted, but it was probably sports-related.

Early on, I was working with my friend Bob Thomas. We were capturing images of the football team and putting together the end of the season slideshow. I would send images to Virginia to accompany the articles she was writing. Then there was lacrosse in the spring and, being a lacrosse guy, I had to send those in. After that for several years, I provided all the senior athlete photos for the Verona Sports Boosters. I was shooting over 70 varsity events and over 30,000 images each year, many of which ended up on the site. A by-product of the work for the Verona Boosters was working with them to create the Verona Sports Boosters’ Senior Athlete of the Week.

I’ve shot a lot of Verona High School varsity sports and championship games over the years.

Of the images I have submitted to, my favorite ones are of the cement trucks decorated each year with holiday lights by Salomone Redi-Mix. I was by the mall and saw the truck go by with the lights and music and figured I need to get a picture of that.

The biggest photo project was “Where in Verona Is It?” When I came up with the idea, I figured it would go for maybe a month, but no more than three. I mean, who would want to keep guessing, or I figured I would run out of ideas. Well, it was crazy. I was shocked when it hit week 35 and we were still going strong. But at some point, Virginia and I agreed it was time for the contest to come to an end. Well, at least for a while.

The original “Where In Verona Is It?” contest had clues like this one.

It’s been a while, so after a nine-year hiatus, and seeing it is the 10-year anniversary of the site and the holidays and all, I’ve decided to put together a limited five-week run of the “Where in Verona Is It?” contest.

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Starting Monday, December 23, we will post one, maybe two images a day of a location in Verona. A location that you should know, or at least might be able to figure it out. The prize is a T-shirt and a week of bragging rights. More on all that tomorrow.

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  1. Beth Shorten

    December 22, 2019 at 8:59 am

    This is just to tempting for words…My long ago obsession returns!

  2. Jerry Racioppi

    December 23, 2019 at 3:45 am

    Look forward to participating! Bring on the photos (and an occasional clue).

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