Pledge To Make Your Home SAFE For Children

By on November 10, 2019

The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee is once again asking residents to sign its SAFE Homes pledge.

The pledge is an agreement to:

  • S – SECURE firearms, matches, chemicals, medications & alcohol
  • A – ACTIVELY work to prevent underage alcohol & drug use
  • F – FORBID bullying
  • E – EVALUATE computer, phone & social media use

Residents who sign the SAFE Homes pledge will then receive the names and telephone numbers of everyone who also signed it. VMAC makes the information available so that parents and guardians can verify that a party held in a home will be properly supervised.

The pledge has been sent to all school families in Verona in the Friday Folder. If you didn’t get it, you can sign up online. If you signed the SAFE Homes pledge in the past, you should sign up again every year to make sure your information is current.

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VMAC, which is supported by a grant from the Governor’s Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, the Township of Verona, and its volunteers, has a mandate to combat underage drinking by providing young people and adults the tools they need to make good choices throughout their lives. In addition to SAFE Homes, it sponsors Family Night twice a year, when homework and sports are cancelled so that families can spend the evening together. It also supports strong decision making, character building, anti-bullying and resisting peer pressure messages from elementary to middle school to high school through topical assemblies, peer leader clubs, and more.

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