Saturday Freebies At First Presbyterian Thrift Shop

By on August 8, 2019

Though closed for the month of August, the Thrift Shop at First Presbyterian Church of Verona will have a “Free” Saturday on August 10 starting at 10 a.m.

Items that are offered are for the taking: Free. There will be glassware, bric-a-brac and surprise bags of clothing: No opening bags; you pick one and get what you get…it’s part of the fun and surprise.

The giveaway will last as long as items are available. The thrift shop itself will not be open and only items that are boxed and/or bagged for Free Saturday are available. No early birds will be admitted.

The Thrift Shop at First Presbyterian Church of Verona is located at 10 Fairview Avenue, just off Bloomfield Avenue. There is parking behind the church.

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