Verona Police Promote Banta

By on August 2, 2019

Lt. Timothy Banta at the promotion ceremony with his family.

The Verona Police Department promoted Timothy Banta to lieutenant from detective sergeant on Thursday, August 1.

Banta, a Verona native, has been with the VPD for 15 years. He is a highly decorated officer, and serves as the department’s firearms instructor, weapons armorer and its instructor in the use of both pepper spray and Tasers. Banta, who serves on county-wide law enforcement task forces, will continue to run the VPD’s Detective Bureau. He lives in Verona with his wife and two children,

Banta was honored last year by the 200 Club of Essex County for his efforts to subdue an armed and severely distraught suspect in Verona in 2017. Banta suffered knife wounds while making a forced entry into the suspect’s apartment after she had set fire to it and had threatened to burn down the entire building.

Photos courtesy Township of Verona.

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