Police Warn About Car Thefts

By on July 27, 2019

Verona Police Department logoVerona people often leave their cars unlocked in their driveways. We shouldn’t. The Verona Police department put up a Facebook post yesterday saying that, over the previous week, four Verona cars had been stolen from driveways and three had been burglarized. Other thefts were thwarted by the VPD’s presence. Verona Police officers also had to pursue three stolen vehicles during the overnight hours, one of which was involved in a shooting several hours later.

“You can save yourself from being a victim of theft and you can actually prevent violent crime,” Chief Christopher Kiernan said in the post. “It is as simple as REMOVING YOUR KEYS / FOBS from your vehicles! If not for your own inconvenience, at least consider innocent people affected by you leaving your keys in the car. From victims of street crimes, innocent drivers these vehicles collide with, to my own Officers trying to apprehend the suspects.”

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