Recycle Your Electronics July 12, 13

By on July 9, 2019

It’s time for another electronics recycling weekend in Verona. On Friday, July 12, and Saturday, July 13, you can recycle any electronics you no longer need at Verona’s Department of Public Works, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days. DPW will take “anything with a plug”, says Supervisor Chuck Molinaro. The DPW garage is located at 5 Ozone Avenue, near Grove Avenue.

It has been illegal to put things like TVs and computers at the curb in Verona since 2009 and you can no longer recycle electronics at Verona’s Recycling Center at Commerce Court. If you can’t get your things to DPW this weekend, Verona’s next electronics recycling weekend will be in October.

Verona has a recycling and garbage collection calendar on its website. You can also stay on top of recycling dates with the free Remyndr smartphone app. Remyndr was developed by Verona resident Tom Cherry to help all of us remember when to put what at the curb. There’s more information on all aspects of recycling on the website of the Verona Environmental Commission.

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