Verona Kids Rock Turns 3

By on June 5, 2019

To the Editor:

Verona Kids Rock Group celebrates their three-year anniversary this month! VKR, a random acts of kindness group started back in June 2016, and as of this month has accomplished an estimated 100 different small to big events in helping others.

In honor of our three-year anniversary, this past Sunday, VKR decided to get together with their own dogs and host a dog walk in honor of Verona Police Officer Justin Nielsen’s protective services dog Siren. Siren unfortunately passed away last June.

VKR knows a pet becomes a huge part of your family unit and in honor of Siren got their own pets together to collect money for the Verona Ambulance Squad as well as dog items for the Second Chance Animal Shelter. The kids took their dogs on a walk as they collected donations along the way in their very own neighborhood. It was day filled with lots of smiles. What better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning.

Over the weekend, my husband Jesse and our daughter Anna took a look down memory lane. We wanted to thank our daughter for keeping us inspired and participating in each of these 100 unforgettable special moments. And lastly, to all the VKR families, you are an amazing group of people who have spread a lot of goodness around our community; I am proud to call you neighbors and friends.

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Dina Lilley

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