Letter: John Q Gets It

By on May 11, 2019

To the Editor:

John Q gets it. I bet you are wondering what that means. I am writing this letter in support of John Quattrocchi, who is running for a Verona Council seat in the May 14 election. I have known John for years and really got to know him while working on the Verona School District Strategic Planning Committee as a parent and, most recently, I had the pleasure to work with him on the Board of Education for five years. John’s passion and desire to make Verona a better place day in and day out is contagious, which was one of the reasons I, and many others, wanted to get involved to keep Verona the great place it is to live.

So back to the question at hand, what does John Q get?

  • John is a strategic and proactive thinker who looks at the whole picture to create plans and goals for the short term and long term.
  • John is a longtime resident and understands we need to take control of the overdevelopment in the town.
  • John is a taxpayer and understands we need to continue to control costs by exploring opportunities for more shared services between neighboring towns, the county, and the school district.
  • John is a parent and understands that a strong school district will continue to make Verona a desirable town for people to live, which will keep property values strong.
  • John is a team player and, just as he did on the Board of Education, he will look to collaborate with others on the council to come up with the best solutions for all.
  • John is good at listening to feedback from residents so he can make educated decisions on the council.
  • John understands that open communication is critical to forming a strong partnership with the council and residents, and he is always willing to discuss and be transparent about his decisions.
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As residents, parents, and taxpayers, we all have a vested interest in keeping Verona the amazing town that it is today. We need good people like John Quattrocchi on the council to fight for what is right to continue to improve this town and take control from outside influences that will impact the lives of residents in Verona.

There are five very good candidates running for Verona Town Council and we all have two votes for those two open seats. Please consider one of those votes for John Q as he “gets it” and will do the right things for this town and residents.

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Jim Day
(This is my personal endorsement and not the opinion of the Verona Board of Education)

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