Verona Debuts ‘Do Not Knock’ Registry

By on May 10, 2019

Verona has joined a growing list of New Jersey towns tamping down on door-to-door commercial solicitation by implementing a “Do Not Knock” registry. You fill out a simple form and when a group registers to solicit business in Verona, they will be given a list that shows your address is off limits.

The registry is the outgrowth of some updates that Verona made to its solicitation ordinance. The township will now no longer require that workers be fingerprinted and undergo background checks before their company is granted a solicitation license. And the fee for such a license has been lowered to $50 from $400. Things like Girl Scout cookie sales and HBW band cheesecake sales are exempt from the new rules, as is political campaign door knocking.

The penalties for knocking at an address on the Do Not Knock list are stiff: a $1,500 fine and possible suspension of license on the first offense, rising to $2,000 the second time and $2,500 for a third.

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You can register your address or the address of a Verona property that you own, here.

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