Letter: Quattrocchi Represents Fiscal Restraint

By on May 10, 2019

To the Editor:

This year’s Town Council election seems to involve several significant issues for our Verona, and like others, I’ve been watching it more closely than I would have otherwise. Given the issues and the stated positions, my support can only be for John Quattrocchi.

In researching issues for this election, one of the areas that have struck me in which the candidates vary is their approach to fiscal issues, especially as highlighted in the financing of their campaigns. I’m quite surprised at the large amounts of money spent on these election campaigns, particularly when local organizations are working hard to raise money for education, local sports programs, rescue squad, etc.

Many of our candidates claim to be fiscally conservative, yet they spend over ten thousand dollars (at the April 29th 2019 date of the article) towards getting themselves elected for a position that pays $2100 a year. Not only has Quattrocchi not lent his campaign money, he also is spending what I consider to be an amount in line with the office.

Additionally, I have had insight into Quattrocchi through the efforts of some of our community groups to address the overdevelopment in our neighborhoods. Quattrocchi has been very involved with these issues, including liaising with the current Town Council to represent the residents’ issues – much as he would as a Town Council member. It’s this level-headed approach, coupled with his fiscal restraint that has my vote.

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Sheila Lanman

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