Letter: Nochimson Deserves To Be Re-Elected

By on May 10, 2019

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in support of Michael Nochimson for re-election to the Verona Town Council.

When Michael first ran for a seat on the Verona Town Council, he ran on a platform of challenging the status quo, fiscal responsibility and improving transparency. Over his two terms he has unequivocally delivered on these promises. We’ve seen impactful changes in the leadership of our Town management, the budgeting process has been moved up and opened to greater input, and we’ve seen some of the lowest annual tax increases that I can remember in my almost 20 years of living in Verona. This didn’t happen by chance, Mike has worked tirelessly to achieve these goals.

Michael has been a vocal opponent of over development and improving our green spaces and facilities. I think most would agree that Verona has never been better run or looked so good. During my time on the Verona Board of Education I have had many opportunities to meet with Mike on a professional and personal level. Every time I speak with him, the first thing he’ll ask me is, “what more can the Town do to support the schools”. This isn’t just rhetoric, he means it and backs it up with action, continually looking for areas of shared service and collaboration.

Michael Nochimson has earned the support of Verona. Through his actions and words he has put the people of Verona first and deserves to be re-elected on May 14th.

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Glenn Elliott
(This is my personal endorsement and not the opinion of the Verona Board of Education)

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