Letter: Quattrocchi Has Personal Integrity, Steadfast Values

By on May 9, 2019

Dear Editor:

My family is supporting John Quattrocchi for Town Council on Election Day, Tuesday, May 14th. We have known John and his family for over 18 years. Our friendship began when our children attended and bonded at Brookdale Avenue School in Verona. Over the years we have developed a warm, loving and supportive friendship, and we have grown as parents and proud residents of Verona.

For over 15 years we have seen John’s tremendous dedication, diligence and success as President of the Board of Education of Verona. His hard work has led our town to be one of the best in New Jersey to raise a family. As testament to who he is as a person, his humbleness precludes him from taking credit for many of his accomplishments. What our family has seen that many people have not had the opportunity to witness is John’s integrity as a person, as well as his commitment to friends and family. John is steadfast in his values and is committed to doing the right thing, even when doing so is not the most popular choice or easiest path. He is well versed in being an effective leader, but he is always willing to listen to others and be the consummate team player. John’s love for his family and this town drives him to keep contributing and working towards making this community better for everyone.

Voting is a precious right where we as citizens get the opportunity to make our voices heard by selecting leaders to represent our values. Tuesday, May 14th, I will be voting for John because he exemplifies values I believe in…commitment, honesty, positivity and dependability. I hope that you would consider doing the same.

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Djenane Duhaney

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