Town Council Candidates Question 5: Goals & Obstacles

By on May 8, 2019
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This is it: The final question for the five candidates running for Town Council in the May 14 election. Since early April, has asked John Fio Rito, Christin McGrath, Michael Nochimson John Quattrocchi and Alex Roman for their views on the issues facing Verona’s municipal government, the issues that they will need to take on if they are elected.

In week 1, we asked about how they would handle the prospect of overdevelopment. In week 2, we asked for their views on shared services. In week 3, we directed the candidates’ focus to infrastructure. Last week, week 4, we asked them to make some hard choices about Verona’s municipal budget.

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For our final question, we asked the candidates to look into the future:

Question 5: If you are elected to the Council, what will be your top 3 legislative priorities and what will stand in the way of you making them happen? Be specific, and tell voters what your initiatives will cost.

As always, candidates’ responses are listed in the order in which they were received, and did not edit the answers in any way, whether for grammar, spelling or length. Click on the arrows to read all the responses.

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