Letter: Quattrocchi Has Public-, Private-Sector Experience

By on May 8, 2019

emailTo the Editor:

I’m writing to enthusiastically endorse John Quattrocchi for a seat on the Verona Town Council.

When you serve in local government with a person for almost fifteen years, you learn a little bit about them. You learn about their work ethic, their character and what they care about. John Quattrocchi deeply cares about Verona and the citizens of Verona. He cares that your children have great opportunities and are achieving to the best of their ability, he cares that Verona is a safe environment for you and your family, and he cares that you are getting a good return on your tax investment and that living in this great community remains affordable. But not only does John care about all these issues, he also delivers on them. I’ve seen it…first hand. You’ve seen it too, even if you’re unaware of it. Under John’s leadership the Verona School District has navigated some rough waters and is now achieving goals that once seemed out of reach.

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Now John is running for Verona Town Council and I believe has earned the support of Verona. He brings years of experience in the private and public sector to the table that will serve the town well in the coming years. Development and affordable housing, collective bargaining, and fiscal oversight are just a few concerns facing Verona. John will always take the time to speak with you and explain these complex issues, and although you may not always agree with him, you’ll have a better understanding of what he’s thinking and what the town is doing about them.

Election Day is on Tuesday, May 14th and the polls are open from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm. A vote for John Q is a vote for Verona’s future.

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Glenn Elliott
(This is my personal endorsement and not the opinion of the Verona Board of Education)

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