Letter: We Need Alex Roman

By on May 7, 2019

To the Editor:

We really need Alex Roman.

After all these years I’m surprised to be agreeing with him on important civic matters, but I urge every voter to read Jay Sniatkowski’s letter supporting Alex Roman’s re-election! He well explains how Roman’s careful, stubborn realism and quiet persistence are essential to the town council’s continuing on the right path.

In fact, it was only Roman’s election four years ago (along with Nochimson’s re-election) that finally created a council majority skilled enough and willing to insist on solid long-term fiscal policies (and hiring a new town manager to carry them out while improving services). Neither Kevin Ryan nor any mayor alone can do or continue that in our form of town governance. Only a council majority. So we really need to re-elect Alex Roman.

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Stephen M. Johnson

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