Letter: McGrath Makes Things Happen

By on May 6, 2019

To the Editor:

I first knew of Christine McGrath as a name on my computer. She soon became much more than that to me. I was a new mom in town and wanted to meet people. Christine started a mom’s group on Facebook that connected local moms. It was a great resource to learn about events in town and get to know others. I found it a very welcoming aspect to Verona.

I formally met Christine at a Junior Women’s Club meeting. The Juniors are a non-profit organization that promotes philanthropy and civic involvement for women in town. Christine was a member and soon to be president. She was a leader in the truest sense. She inspired others, worked hard, attended every event, and in doing so, she helped the town and her fellow women.

Christine went on to join the Friends of the Library, where she revitalized the organization, a fundraising arm of the Verona library.

She joined the school SCA and also revitalized the SCRIP program, which raises money by selling gift cards to the school population. She raised thousands of dollars for our school by running and promoting the program.

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After co-founding Verona Fights Hunger Week, a week long, town wide food drive, Christine was invited to join the board of the Montclair Human Needs Pantry, which serves hundreds of families in need in our area.

Gun violence in schools became a big concern for parents. I watched as one mother sobbed at kindergarten orientation asking about the safety at our elementary school. Christine did something about it. She joined Moms Demand Action and went on to become a regional leader.

I’ve seen Christine do all of these things first hand. She makes things happen. The key is that Christine does it all in an encouraging way. She inspires others, raises them up, collects and disseminates information and involves everyone.

Are you following her on Facebook? She posts updates on all the town council meetings in a straightforward and clear manner. She takes the time and puts in the work. She’s honest and fair. She has poise and grace and listens and respects everyone.

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Verona needs a woman like Christine. A female on the town council would be a welcome change. Christine’s hard work will be on behalf of the citizens now. There is no one better for the job.


Erika Grothues

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