Letter: Supports Nochimson For Another Term

By on May 5, 2019

To the Editor:

I am a lifelong Verona resident. I have gotten to know Michael Nochimson very well in the last ten years. He has lived in Verona for eighteen years, yet when you talk to him with the knowledge he has obtained regarding our town, you would think he was here all of his life. Michael has been on the council for the past eight years and understands how Verona operates. His biggest strength is his fiscal minded ability to keep our budgets in line while keeping our municipal tax rates below inflation. Yet, with Michael’s guidance the town has been able to maintain and expand the services required for our municipality. It has been our county tax rate and Board of Education rates that have increased over our municipal rate. Michael’s day job is in finance in NYC and we reap the benefits his private sector “ can do “ attitude.

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Michael is very supportive of our youth athletics and investing in our athletic facilities. He was a huge advocate for the new athletic fields on Lynn Drive and White Rock Road to be done the proper way for Verona. Michael also led the fight against our previous town manager, Joe Martin, and succeeded.

Michael was the only Council Member with the courage to speak up on behalf of our five time state champion football coach, Lou Racioppe, at a Board of Education meeting when our coach was suspended two years ago. Michael truly cares about people, listens and takes real action. He always makes himself available and is always willing to get involved for the betterment of our town. Michael consistently delivers and represents Verona.

We need more Michael Nochimson’s to run our great town of Verona. I fully endorse Michael Nochimson to continue on our Town Council for another four years.

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Frank Ferrari
Verona, NJ

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  1. Larry Steinman

    May 5, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    Michael Nochimson during his tenure on the council has stayed focused on what’s important to keep our town a place that can be enjoyed by every citizen

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