Letter: Nochimson Helped With Neighbor Dispute

By on May 3, 2019

emailTo the Editor:

I want to publicly laud Verona’s deputy mayor, Michael Nochimson, for the way he has supported me over the past year, when I approached him for help managing a longstanding and contentious situation with my neighbors.

My issues began soon after I purchased my home five years ago, and through a series of events, several complicated encroachments on my property from my neighbors were discovered. I spent several thousand dollars on surveyors, and during this time, was trying to put up a fence for a dog. The process became combative, exhausting, time consuming, and confusing so I gave up.

Last spring, I’d reached my tipping point after facing a similar issue with another neighbor’s proposed construction and whether it meets code setbacks from my property line. That’s when I reached out to Mr. Nochimson and I’m so glad I did. He was responsive, supportive, respectful and trustworthy.

After listening to the problems I’d been trying to deal with on my own for five years, he set up meetings—that he attended—with my neighbor, the township engineer, and the code official. The engineer discovered my neighbor was in major violation and is requesting application for four variances (the hearing is next Thursday, May 9). During our meeting with Mr. Nochimson and the town engineer, my neighbor agreed to put up a privacy fence and give me some money to defray the expenses I’d incurred, but soon after he retracted the offer. Mr. Nochimson expressed empathy, acknowledged my frustration and has committed to help us see this issue to its conclusion.

Regardless of the outcome, I want to express how appreciative and grateful I am of Michael Nochimson’s support. As a councilman, he really stepped up. Although he hardly knew me, he approached this from the standpoint of fairness and what is right and this support has meant a lot to me. It was clear to me how much he enjoys serving our township and how he truly loves being a leader. When voting day comes, I hope my fellow citizens will keep in mind the value of having Michael Nochimson on the council and deputy Mayor; he is a leader who truly represents and advocates for fairness and Verona residents.

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In Gratitude,

Sue Waldman

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