Letter: Former Councilman Supports Alex Roman

By on May 3, 2019

To the Editor:

I met Alex Roman in 2008 when he began attending council meetings. Over the next decade he rarely missed a meeting and was committed to questioning government responsiveness, openness and transparency. He was intent on learning all of the details about our township’s financial and infrastructural operations. As a member of the public and now on the town council, he is always courteous, helpful, respectful and genuinely wants residents to understand all the issues that face us.

During my last term on the council I had the pleasure of serving with Councilman Roman. I quickly realized that he remained unwavering in his advocacy for fiscal responsibility, efficiency and making positive changes to our community.

His research and knowledge of the issues is unparalleled. I have seen few officials take the time to learn and understand the workings of our township’s infrastructure the way Mr. Roman has. His understanding of tedious and complex issues that affect our township along with his gift to explain them to residents with conciseness and clarity is an asset to our town council and residents.

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I have seen firsthand Alex’s accomplishments and his commitment to Verona. He works to simply make this an affordable, better place to live for our youth, families and senior citizens.

On May 14th if you are voting for a candidate based on their knowledge, integrity and accomplishments, I encourage residents to consider re-electing Alex Roman for a second term that I believe he has earned.

Jay Sniatkowski

Jay Sniatkowski was elected to the Verona Town Council four times, serving from July 2001 to July 2017. During that time, he was both mayor and deputy mayor.

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