It’s Flamingo Fundraiser Week

By on April 28, 2019

It’s time folks: Time to support the theater program at Verona High School by participating in the VHS Spotlight Players‘ annual flamingo fundraiser.

This week, members of the VHS Spotlight Players will be delivering bright pink flamingo lawn ornaments all around town. The birds roost on a lawn for 24 hours and are then migrated to their next destination.You can send a trio of flamingos for $15 or a whole flock (a dozen feathered friends) for $20 to someone’s front yard.

The birds will roost on the lawn for 24 hours and then will be migrated to their next destination. You also can “forward” the birds for a small fee, and the SPPA offers AntiFlocking Insurance, which will protect you from any deliveries for the entire week.

For more information, or to send a flock to your Verona friends, email Spotlight President Ann Gault at [email protected]

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