Town Council Candidates Question 3: Infrastructure

By on April 24, 2019
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Sewage isn’t sexy, but a well-functioning sewer system can make for a very attractive town. Verona’s sewer plant, however, has not been aging well lately, making it just one of the infrastructure challenges that will be waiting for the two people elected to the Verona Town Council on May 14.

Verona must find efficient, economical ways to maintain the infrastructure we already have, from roadways to municipal properties, and figure out how to shoulder the infrastructure burdens that might be imposed if we have to add to our housing stock as part of an affordable housing settlement. That is why’s question to candidates this week is this:

Question 3: Verona has many infrastructure issues that require immediate attention. Which ones would you focus on first and why, and what would be the benefits of doing so?

The five candidates in this year’s election are Michael Nochimson and Alex Roman, who are seeking re-election, and challengers John Fio Rito, Christine McGrath, and John Quattrocchi. Click on the arrows to advance through all their answers.

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