VHS Juniors Earn Perfect AP Test Scores

By on March 27, 2019

Christopher Lakin and Erin Petrino were two of only 193 students worldwide who achieved perfect scores on the AP Computer Science test.

Verona High School students have earned high marks on Advanced Placement tests over the years, but two members of the Class of 2020 have just been notified of a particularly distinct honor: They achieved perfect scores on their AP Computer Science tests.

Erin Petrino and Christopher Lakin were two of only 193 students worldwide to have earned a perfect score (80 points out of 80 possible points) on the AP Computer Science exam. While many VHS students have earned the top grade of 5 on many AP tests over the years, Petrino and Lakin appear to be the first to have earned that with a perfect score in any AP category.

“Erin and Chris attained this special achievement the old-fashioned way: Enthusiastically engaging in class discussion, asking great questions, reading, completing homework, and studying,” says Rich Wertz, who heads the computer science program at VHS. “Their academic habits serve as a model for all students who will follow in their footsteps. This unique national recognition affirms their places among the best high school computer science students in the country.”

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The perfect score wasn’t the only testing accomplishment for Lakin: He also achieved the maximum possible score of 1600 on his SAT exam. Lakin took AP Computer Science A as a sophomore last year and is planning to enroll in AP Computer Science Principles during his senior year. This year, he is taking several other advanced classes including AP English Language & Composition, AP U.S. History, AP Chemistry (Lab), AP Physics I and AP Calculus BC. Petrino, who also took AP Computer Science A as a sophomore, is now taking AP English Language & Composition, AP U.S. History, AP Chemistry (Lab), and AP Calculus BC.

Thirty VHS students have achieved a 5 score on the Comp Sci test since 2012, and they went on to college at high-profile institutions, often for computer science degrees. Heather Sweeney (Class of 2012) went on to MIT, where she earned both a bachelors and a masters degree in computational biology. Her brother Chris (2014) received his bachelors from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science, and is now completing a masters in engineering there.

Alex Jo (2013) was graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor of science in computer science and now works as a software developer for a health technology company. Colin Pope (2014) got his BS in computer science and applied math from NJIT and now works in software development for Audible. Dan Smillie (2014) graduated from Johns Hopkins University and now works at Google, Nik Bostrom (2015) got his comp sci degree from Harvard and now works for a software company in Verona, Wis.

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In addition to Lakin and Petrino, three other members of the VHS Class of 2020 also achieved a 5 grade on their AP Comp Sci test: Ethan Forrest, Henry Wertz and Alex Cheung.

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  1. Chris Parisi

    March 27, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Wow! Awesome work on the part of these young Verona scholars! Kudos to you both!

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