Schools Closed On Monday, March 4

By on March 4, 2019

Verona’s public schools had initially called for a delayed opening, but Mother Nature had other plans: All schools will be closed by the snow storm on Monday, March 4.

The Public Works Department snow plows were out all night and Verona streets are passable. But the Verona Police are reminding everyone that it is illegal to shovel, plow or blow snow from your property into the streets and that the regulation will be strictly enforced today. Please also do not park on any street.

Power seems to be back on in the Brookdale section and the parts of the Laning district that lost power last night. The police are asking you to report new power emergencies to PSEG and save 911 for things that require a Verona police, Rescue Squad or Fire Department response. For power problems, text OUT to 4PSEG (47734), report it online here, or call PSEG at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734).

As you are clearing your sidewalks and driveway, please also remember to clear out any fire hydrants nearby. It will make for faster fire fighting if there is an emergency.

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