Cub Scout Pack 32’s Pinewood Derby Is A Win for All

By on February 12, 2019

On Friday, January 25, thirty-one Cub Scouts from Verona Pack 32 cheered with excitement as they watched their handmade wooden cars race down an aluminum track in what is a time-honored and cherished event known as the Pinewood Derby. The event was held at Verona High School.

Weeks prior, the participating Cub Scouts crafted and decorated a race car of their dreams using an official Pinewood Derby kit containing a block of pine wood, four nails (which serve as axels), and four wheels, adhering to design rules set in order to enter the race. Individual achievements for top speeds and/or designs (Most Creative, Most Patriotic and Scout Spirit) were recognized with trophies. In speed, the competition was very tight, with differences of one-hundredth to one-thousandth of a second, separating cars between first and last place. Among the array of car designs, there were creations inspired by popular video games and devices (like Fortnite and Nintendo Switch), superheroes and military vehicles (such as Captain America and army tanks) that sped to the finish line.

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Through their individual efforts and participation, Pack 32 Scouts takeaway life experiences and lessons about the value of sportsmanship, creative thinking, perseverance and rule of law all the while having a good time. These values will guide them in becoming good citizens and leaders of the world. Thank you to everyone that helped make this year’s Pinewood Derby possible, especially the Boy Scouts from Troop 2.

For information about Verona Pack 32, please visit: or contact the Pack leaders at [email protected]

Pack 32’s 2019 Pinewood Derby Trophy Winners:
1st Place: Julian Graves
2nd Place: Oliver Ziebert
3rd Place: Marco Cappello
1st Place: Marco Cappello
2nd Place: Matthew Narepecha
3rd Place: Vahagn Grigoryan
1st Place: Julian Graves
2nd Place: Joey Forino
3rd Place: Ethan Kistner
1st Place: Matthew Perez
2nd Place: Jude Spiegeland
3rd Place: Vincent Russo
1st Place: Oliver Ziebert
2nd Place: Spencer Labonne
1st Place: James Waugh
2nd Place: Nate Williamson
3rd Place: Rocco Quilici
Most Creative: Ethan Kistner
Most Patriotic: Andrew Clutterbuck
Scout Spirit: Rocco Quilici

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  1. wendy mello

    February 23, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Great article from Tara Bratek. Thanks for highlighting this positive event.

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