Mikie Sherrill Joins 116th Congress, Votes To Re-Open Government

By on January 4, 2019

With her four children alongside her on the House Floor, Mikie Sherrill took the oath of office and joined the 116th Congress as the Representative for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, which includes Verona.

“Today, I proudly raised my right hand and reaffirmed my commitment to defend the Constitution of the United States for the people of the 11th District of New Jersey,” said Congresswoman Sherrill. “I couldn’t be more proud and humbled to stand alongside a diverse freshman class that reflects the shared values of our nation. I am ready to do the work of the people of New Jersey, to focus on the big issues that face our country, and help secure a world worthy of our children.”

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Congresswoman Sherrill voted to advance H.R. 21 and H.J.Res. 1, two appropriations bills to fund federal agencies in 2019, including transportation and water infrastructure, and end the now 14-day government shutdown. In a letter submitted Wednesday to the chief administrative officer, Congresswoman Sherrill requested that her “pay be withheld until the lapse in appropriations that commenced on December 22nd, 2018, ends, and the federal government is fully reopened.”

Surrounded by more than 200 visiting constituents, Sherrill’s father administered the oath of office. Sherrill hosted an open house in her Washington, DC office, located at 1208 Longworth House Office Building.

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