Artist Creates Interactive Mural For South Orange Festival

By on November 9, 2018

Verona artist Elina Rosenblum is going to be the featured artist at SouthNEXT, an arts festival in South Orange on Saturday, November 10.

Blum has created an interactive mural based on the concept of neurographics, which invites people to make connections between their conscious and subconscious mind through art. The mural is a six-foot-long magnetic board and a variety of abstract, curved shapes that SouthNEXT attendees can move around as they like. Blum, who has decorative arts business called Blum Arts, describes the work as something of an “anti-puzzle”.

“Nothing fits together, no two are alike”, she says of the pieces. “You can take blobs that are intentionally imperfect, put them together and different people will relate to them differently.”

The mural work came about because of Blum Arts’ participation in the Playin’ Around South Orange Piano Project in August. At that event, Blum was approached by Steven Schnall, the organizer of SouthNext, which explores what happens when different arts genres collide. “I came up with the idea of an interactive mural on the spot, and he liked it,” Blum says. “One person can play with it or it can be a group effort.”

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Although SouthNEXT is a two-day festival, the interactive mural will only be at SOPAC on Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. The $20 all-access pass allows attendees to participate in both days.

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