Wrong-Way Garbage Truck Rams Car At VHS

By on October 26, 2018

Alice McCarthy and her son John were shaken up this morning when a garbage truck reversed down Sampson Drive by the back entrance to Verona High School and slammed into their car.

“I normally don’t post this kind of stuff but this needs to be a wake up call to everyone,” John McCarthy, a VHS student, posted to his Facebook page, “today I was involved in a car accident a garbage truck started reversing down a one way street and hit my moms car outside VHS, we were pushed over 80 feet according to our skid marks, all I have to say is thank you for everyone asking if we are okay which we are we’re just shaken up, but more importantly I’m only okay because of my seat belt, at the point of impact my body jerked forward so hard I thought I would have my head through the dash but my seatbelt stopped me! And honestly I’m forever grateful to @chevrolet even though I’m a fan of ford trucks this 04’ Tahoe had a buckle passenger alarm it would go off when it detected a passenger in the front seat with no seatbelt on for more than one minute whether the car was in park or drive it would ding, if that alarm didn’t exist I probably would’ve forgotten to put it on and this post wouldn’t be about seatbelts, it would be about me in the hospital because of a dumb move, in the end if you even read this far listen to me when I say this, SEATBELTS SAVE LIVES IF YOU THINK ITS COOL TO NOT WEAR A SEATBELT TRY SAYING THAT WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR HEAD THROUGH YOUR DASHBOARD OR WHILE UNCONSCIOUS FROM HITTING THE AIRBAG all I have to say is wear your seatbelt for the love of god just do it @ Verona High School.”

According to the Verona Police Department, the accident was called in at 7:27 a.m. The driver, who remained at the scene, was issued a summons for backing unsafely and now faces an appearance in Verona municipal court. The garbage company, Regional Industries, declined to comment because the accident is under investigation. Regional Industries is the garbage contractor for the town.

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