Full Day K Advocacy Group Hosts Info Session

By on October 11, 2018

Verona Full Day K, a parent-led group, will be hosting an information session on October 14, 2018, at 2 p.m. at the Blue Hippo Coffee Co, in Verona. All Verona residents are welcome. As part of an awareness campaign, the meeting will inform the community about of the benefits of full day kindergarten, answer questions, and provide volunteer opportunities to inform other Verona residents about the upcoming election on November 6. Full Day Kindergarten is question number 1 on the ballot.

Full Day Kindergarten will ensure that students continue to receive the best possible education in the Verona school district, through targeted, small group instruction, structured play-based activities, and additional time to teach to every type of learner. Studies show that more time in kindergarten will allow all students vital opportunities to build social and emotional skills necessary to navigate the world around them, and prepare them for long-term educational experiences.

Verona Full Day K is a community alliance in Verona, NJ seeking support for the passing of Full Day Kindergarten in the November 2018 election. This group is made up of residents who are parents of children who are currently in or who will soon enter the Verona public school system.

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