BOE Candidates Question 3: Innovative Governance

By on October 3, 2018
Prev1 of 5Next has asked the four candidates running for two spots on the Verona Board of Education this November for their views on the value of a public school education and how they would achieve their goals as a BOE member.

Verona’s public schools work within a tight budget–impossibly tight many years. The state spending cap  limits annual budget increases to just 2% (even when elements like health care and special education jump by more than that) and we have still not recouped the millions of dollars in state aid that we lost under former Gov. Chris Christie. To be an effective partner to school administrators under these conditions, a BOE must be prepared to think out of the box and provide innovative governance, which leads us to our question for this week:

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Question 3: The BOE is essentially the board of directors of our schools. In a corporate setting, board members bring best practices from the outside world to the company they serve. What one best practice would you like to share with the Verona BOE?

The four candidates running in this November’s election are the current BOE President John QuattrocchiTimothy AlworthPamela J. Priscoe and David Rullo. Every Saturday between now and October 20, MyVeronaNJ will send them a new question and they must respond to by noon on Tuesday. Candidates’ responses are published in the order in which they were received, and does not edit the answers in any way, including grammar, spelling or length.

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Click on the arrows to advance to each candidate’s response.

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