Football Gets Third Win

By on September 22, 2018

Jake McConnachie scored Verona’s first TD, on a 40-yard pass from Cael Zebrowski.

The Verona High School football team chalked up another win last night, but this one took more work than the first two. Newark Collegiate scored three times against the Hillbillies in the 28-20 Verona victory and an interception that Collegiate’s Isaiah Hill turned into a 60-yard dash almost added another touchdown.

From the first play, Collegiate gave notice to Verona that this game wasn’t going to be easy. The Newark team held Verona scoreless until the start of the second quarter, when Cael Zebrowski threw a 40-yarder to Jake McConnachie. Collegiate answered back with two touchdowns of their own.

It wasn’t until the closing seconds of the half that Verona would get back into the end zone on a Shane Lawless run, making the game 15-14 Verona at the half. Nick Riggio had another stellar game, getting two touchdowns for the Hillbillies in the third quarter.

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Verona will travel to Newark next Friday night to face Malcolm X Shabazz High School. The Bulldogs are also undefeated this year.

Photos copyright Andy Yeates. Used by permission.

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