Climate Change And Verona

By on August 31, 2018

There’s a fascinating new data tool on the website of The New York Times today that allows you to look at how much warmer specific places have gotten over the decades because of climate change.

Back in 1960, when its data set for the Verona area begins, we could expect eight days above 90 degrees every year on average. Now, that is up to 11 days. According to the data on Weather Underground, we had six days above 90 in July and another five in August.

By 2089, Verona’s weather could be more like that of the Sahara: The Times‘ data set predicts we could have 30 days of 90-degree weather a year, and perhaps as much as 41. Hotter weather brings with it a host of challenges, from increased heat-related deaths to increased demand for electricity to power air conditioning systems.

You can test the tool on different locations here. And if you want to have a hand in mitigating climate change, remember that the Verona Environmental Commission is looking for a new member. Details on applying here.

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