Volunteers Repair Storm Damage To Hilltop Trails

By on August 22, 2018

Hilltop Trail Storm DamageThe Hilltop trails are one of the favorite biking spots in Verona, and the August 11 storm that ruined basements, downed trees and made everything a wet mess also displaced two trail bridges and caused lots of erosion on one of the trails.

So this past Saturday, a team of 15 people went up to the Hilltop to improve and repair trails and bridges. Scouts, cyclists and local residents brought shovels, saws and experience, and collectively recovered the bridges from downstream–one actually traveled more than 50 yards from its regular resting spot–then rebuilt and slightly elevated their abutments.
Hilltop Trail Storm Damage

Other crews worked to channel water off the trails and added rock armoring to protect them from future erosion. “This crew showed that a bit of combined effort can make a monster difference,” said Geordie Smith, a mountain biker who has been active in trail maintenance over the years. “But individual independent effort counts too. Doing simple actions like clearing a large branch instead of just stepping over it, or adding some flat rocks to a wet area all combine to keep the Hilltop safe and inviting for everyone to quietly enjoy.”
Hilltop Trail Storm Damage

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