Schools Damaged By Saturday Floods

By on August 13, 2018

Verona homes, business and cars weren’t the only things damaged by Saturday’s flash floods–our schools also took on water.

According to Superintendent Dr. Rui Dionisio, Forest Avenue School‘s basement had the most damage, with water and mud that coated the floors in the cafeteria, classrooms, offices, and storage areas. But Dionisio says most of the damage has already been cleaned up by a professional cleaning service company and the Verona public schools’ custodial and maintenance staff. “They have done an amazing job,” Dionisio said by email.

Laning Avenue School and Brookdale Avenue School had minor water damage as well, but Dionisio says the damage occurred in “isolated locations” and has already been cleaned up.

“We also had a few leaks from our aging roofs, primarily at VHS and HBW,” Dionisio said. “We are working with our insurance company and replacing all damaged items and repairing roofs throughout the district.”

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And yes, schools will open on time on Wednesday, September 5.

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