Krupp: Pruitt’s Reckless Tenure is Over

By on July 5, 2018

Scott Pruitt’s reckless tenure at EPA is over, but the damage will be lasting and the threat of additional harm to public health and the environment remains grave.

Pruitt left not only a string of failed policies, but an agency still stacked with lobbyists working to protect their former industries rather than American families. It’s time to clean house of the many conflicted political appointees at EPA, and truly drain the swamp of these lobbyists who are polluting our country.

Pruitt’s unethical behavior and favor-filled relationship with energy lobbyists were well known before his nomination to head EPA. Too many Senators looked the other way when they should have stopped his ill-fated nomination in the first place.

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The American people will continue to fight President Trump’s attacks on our environment. We now face the stark reality of a coal lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, running the agency that is supposed to protect our air, water, and climate. We can’t afford more pollution and asthma attacks – our children’s health and their future depends on it.

Changing name plates is not enough – we need new, honest leadership that puts the health of American families first.

Verona native Fred Krupp is the long-time president of the Environmental Defense Fund. As a student at Verona High School, Krupp started its first Earth Day celebration in 1972.

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