VHS French Students Score High On National Test

By on June 11, 2018

Each year, American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) organizes National French Contest/Le Grand Concours to challenge students in all 50 states to demonstrate their knowledge of French language and culture by taking multiple-choice test that covers listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar in context, as well as reading. Out of 20 Verona High School students who registered to compete this year, 18 students were recognized by the association and ranked nationally. 

French teachers Emily Podolak and Eugenie Mordkovich would like to congratulate them and say “Bravo!” on the job well done. 

Level 2 
Mariam Girgis – Gold Medal
Audrey Ng – Silver Medal
Cailan Compierchio – Bronze Medal
Rio Gagnon  – Bronze Medal
Kara Johansen – Bronze Medal
Madrid Rodner – Bronze Medal
Lia Gardner – Honorable Mention
Sophia Josephson – Honorable Mention
Emily Wynne – Honorable Mention 

Level 3 
Erin Petrino – Gold Medal
Jessica Sidrak – Gold Medal
Selin Hekimgil – Bronze Medal
Alessandra Newman – Bronze Medal
Max Handler – Honorable Mention
Priya Limbachiya – Honorable Mention
Leah Pandian – Honorable Mention
Michael Sluck – Honorable Mention
Ethan Triggiano – Honorable Mention 

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