Verona Clergy Welcome Islamic Center

By on June 8, 2018

good neighbor bannerTo our new neighbors at the Verona Islamic Center:

The Christian communities of the First Presbyterian, Holy Spirit Episcopal, First Congregational and Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic Churches would like to extend a word of welcome, peace and inclusion to our new Muslim neighbors.

The recent decades have seen great progress made by the increased shared prayer, friendship, and dialogue with faith communities. One local example is the annual Verona Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. It is our hope and prayer to continue that momentum here in Verona, extending outward as we learn form and grow with each other.

As women and men of faith we share a common ancestry with each other as spiritual descendants of Abraham and Sarah. The two great pillars of love of God and love of neighbor are central to all our faiths, and are at the heart of who we are and what we do. How blessed we are to share this.

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With this message, we welcome you to our lovely township and look forward to being companions of faith as we journey together in holiness.

Rev. Joseph A. D’Amico
Pastor of Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic Church

Rev. Dr. Barbara Ewton
Pastor of First Congregational Church of Verona

Rev. Jerry Racioppi
Rector of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

Rev. Lynn Rubier-Capron
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Verona

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