Lions Club Mails Fundraising Appeal

By on May 31, 2018

The Verona Lions Club has once again mailed its White Cane appeal to Verona residents. This appeal is to seek assistance in helping us continue our service to the needs of our township and support other local organizations.

The Verona Lions Club is totally dedicated to servicing the needs of our community and, under a broader mandate, supports eyesight health and care to those who are blind and or sight impaired.

Under our motto “We Serve”, the VLC consists of 35+ active members dedicated to the health and well being of Verona residents. We provide services including annual hearing and eyesight testing which takes place at Fair in the Square. We also collect eyeglasses for refurbishment and redistribution to others unable to afford basic eye care and sight assistance. This past year we have collected over 1500 pairs of used eyeglasses. Since the inception of the eyeglass program we have collected and repurposed over 50,000 pairs of glasses for the needy.

Each spring our members head to New Jersey’s Camp Marcella, a summer camp for blind youth, to clean up and perform repairs, painting, and maintenance so the camp can operate safely. This prepares the camp for blind summer residents. In the fall, members return to secure the camp’s many buildings for its seasonal closure.

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In the month of June the lions will be awarding $4,500 in service awards to Verona graduating seniors.

The Verona Lions Club is best known around town for its Hospital Loan Closet, which provides free delivery, setup and use of hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, shower chairs and commodes for residents who need such care. The hospital loan closet has been in place for over 50 years serving the citizens of Verona. All items are delivered to residents in poor health or recovering from surgery or illness to assist in their convalescence and recovery.

The Verona Lions Club donated a vehicle for the use as the Verona Medical Transportation vehicle, which is used daily Monday through Friday to transport sick and elderly residents from both towns to their medical appointments. The Township of Verona provides drivers for this car, but the Lions volunteer to drive the vehicle during the month of March, as another outreach program to our community.

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The Verona Lions Club relies on the White Cane appeal to support these critical township volunteer services and to help maintain the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Please help us by sending your contribution to The Verona Lions Club, PO Box 38, Verona, NJ 07044
Thank you for your continued support of the Verona Lions Club.

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