High Honor Roll: Grade 6, 3rd Marking Period 2017-2018

By on May 14, 2018

Yvette McNeal and David Galbierczyk, principals of H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, are proud to announce the names of those sixth grade students who have earned academic recognition during the third marking period of this school year 2017-2018.

These students have qualified for the high honors award by receiving an “A” in every school subject:

Eleanor Battersby, Marcus Beninghof, Rachel Bochicchio, Sarah Bosco, Faith Brolly, Maria Caggiano, Christopher Caldera, Fiona Church,

Max Della Fera, Arda Derinsu, Keira Dolan, Caitlin Eng, Juliette Fernicola, Charles Giacomazza, Molly Hipp, Patrick Huaman, Hannah Koffler,

Gabriel Levine, Zoe Levine, Megan McGrath, Grace McMahan, Sophia Morales, Anthony Passaro, Esteban Patrone-Michellod, Zamya Pollard,

Reese Sahadow, Julian Santorelli, Abigail Shust, Christopher Sluck, Evan Spong, Sara Tortoriello, Georganne Valera, Marguerite Valera, Allyson Vasquez, Ava Vega,

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Megan Wynne, Riley Ying, Ian Zalewski, Christian Zebrowski

The names of some students who qualified for the honor roll do not appear on this list because their parents have elected not to release personal information to the media.

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