Honor Roll: Grade 9, 3rd Marking Period 2017-2018

By on May 11, 2018

Joshua Cogdill, principal of Verona High School, has announced the names of the ninth-grade students who have achieved honor roll recognition during the third marking period of the 2017-2018 school year.

These students have qualified for the honors award by attaining all “A” and “B” grades:

Diana Aleynikov, Peter Alfano, Britney Allteni, Iviana Anderson, Ethan Beninghof, Kidus Berhanu, Killian Blitz, Grace Boutcher, Gabriel Breitenbach, Tawanna Brown,

Sebastian Cabrera, Olivia Camuti, Christian Castner, Leonardo Celi, Harmonie Chang, Nia Chesney, Elyse Chu, Aaron Clarion, Mia Cole, Sarah Cole, Grace Cooney, Pierce Coppola,

Hannah Davey, Jessica DeVito, Jacqueline DeVivo, Emma DiClemente, Derek Diskant, Aidan Dyer, Dylan Ferrara, Evan Fersch, Isabella Freda,

Mariam Girgis, Daphne Glatter, Sarah Greene, Katherine Hensal, Paige Hensal, Andrew Hunt, Isabella Hussar, Sinclaire Infusino,

Adam Karpinski, Maggie Kenny, Geena Klinger, Colvin Kramer, Luke Lambert, Samantha Larkey, Isabelle Leagon, John Lonsinger, Jessica Loudon,

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Hannah Maida, Declan Maisano, Laila Martes, Cole Martin, Michael Matarazzo, Abigail McAneney, Kyle McCaffrey, Grace McKeown, Megan Meehan, Andrew Meyer, Jeffrey Monacelli, Thomas Monroe, Caitlin Moore, Dylan Munjack,

Melanie Naeris, Audrey Ng, Benjamin Niesmertelny, Frank O’Neill, Dean Palmer, Sarah Perez, Thomas Radigan, Emma Ramsthaler, Emma Rice, Frank Riggio, Alexander Rodner, Kathryn Romanyshyn, Natalie Romanyshyn,

Aaron Shamouil, Buster Shick, Matthew Siegel, Gerard Sona, Taylor Spinelli, Trevor Spinelli, Karina Squilanti, Daniel Valentine, Joshua Vargas, Sebastian Vargas, Joseph Visone, Mary Wallace, Graham Weber, Drew Weisser, Catherine Welsh, Griffin Willner

The names of some students who qualified for the honor roll do not appear on this list because their parents have elected not to release personal information to the media.

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