Mayor Supports Sensible Gun Regulation

By on February 17, 2018

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

Verona Mayor Kevin Ryan posted the following statement to his mayoral Facebook page yesterday:

Last week I went to the Pharmacy to purchase Claritin D. I had to produce my drivers license which was scanned to make sure I hadn’t been purchasing pseudoephedrine in large quantities. Yet I find it incredible that I could walk into a gun shop and purchase large quantities of ammunition without any similar control. What a country!

There is no rational reason for the average person to own an assault weapon. A true sportsman doesn’t need them to hunt. Rational regulation and control doesn’t violate or invalidate the second amendment. The amendment begins and I quote “A well regulated Militia”. The lovers of the amendment always seem to forget that part. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech but it has commonly accepted that it doesn’t give someone the right to yell “fire” in a crowded room when there is none. Assault weapons ban, background checks, requirements to keep weapons secured in the home don’t violate the second amendment.

My response to those who lamely state that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Maybe, but we don’t have to make it easy for a deranged person to inflict maximum fatalities. The basic reality is that the NRA and the gun manufacturers have bought off enough politicians, mostly republican, to insure maximum profits for the weapons manufacturers.

I was asked to speak to a Cub Scout troop last night. As I looked out at all of the young innocent faces I couldn’t help but think what kind of a country are we creating for them to grow up in safely.

I know when I vote this November I can only support candidates that are in favor of sensible gun regulations. In addition for all of you who claim to be big supporters of police and other law enforcement officials, keep in mind that an overwhelming majority of organizations representing them favor sensible weapons regulations.

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One Comment

  1. Terry Moore

    March 4, 2018 at 9:40 am

    +++ for Mayor Ryan. + to urge Rep. Frelinghuysen to enact further protective legislation.

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