Junior Wrestlers Honor 8th Graders, Beat Glen Ridge

By on February 3, 2018
Verona Junior Wrestling

Verona Junior Wrestling’s 8th graders: James Ortiz, Nick Handler, Derek Bernardino, Jayden Czupak, PJ Shaw, Nick Socci, Zach Benanchietti, Ian Kirby (missing Alec Hamson)

On Friday, February 2, the Verona Junior Wrestling Team faced Glen Ridge at home at Verona High School. Verona beat out the Jr. Ridgers 54-27.

To start the evening, nine eighth graders were recognized for their participation in the program: Captains Jayden Czupak, Nick Socci and Derek Bernardino, along with PJ Shaw, James Ortiz, Nick Handler, Ian Kirby, Alec Hamson and Zach Benanchietti, who brought the team out of the locker room with an awesome guitar solo.

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The match started with pins from three young wrestlers: Dante Palmer, John McEnerney and Jesse Wagner. Wins from Jake Ferry, Bernardino, Czupak, and Benanchietti followed.

The Verona Team is 4-3 so far this season with five matches remaining. The season will end with the Junior County Tournament, which will be February 18 at Cedar Grove High School.

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